Deepika Padukone`s latest Photoshoot is a lovely gift for her fans as she turns 31

Deepika Padukone is turns 31 and she has made the day special for her fans. Deepika`s latest photoshoot is alovely gift to all he rfans. The actress looks incredibly gorgeous in the latest photoshoot. Deepika is currently busy with the promotion of her upcoming film XXx: The return of the Xander Cage, Teh film is her Hollywood debut and Deepika is having a grand debut with Vin Diesel. The film xXx: The Return of the Xander Cage will hit theatres next friday. Deepika`s lateust special photoshoot with Instye magazine is a gift for all fans. Deepika is seen in western outfits but Deepika told in the very interview that she will always feel more comfortable in a sari. We have seen Deepika in various avatars and we we

ll know she can carry all her looks so well.

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