Sushmita Sen`s Yoga Video near Burj Khalifa is something you dont want to miss

Susmitha Sen seems to have taken a new year resoution to stay fit and healthy. Sushmitha shared a video on her instagram ans is truly inspiring. She posted the video with the caption, “I had promised the 14 year old #me NO MATTER WHAT, I will ALWAYS follow my #heart I will respond to #feelings and not react to #thoughts easier said than done so often I discipline my #body to #silence the #mind and return to a #feeling it works like #magic And no its NOT for a movie not to be a size zero, it’s simply me honouring a promise!!!!Gooood morning World wake up happy!!! #feelit #manifest #bepositive I love you guys!!! Thank you teacher @nupur_popeye mmuuaah!!!” she can be seen performing various exercises and yoga movements, all with the stunning backdrop of Burj


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