Bollywood Most Romantic Scene With 1 Girl And 2 Boys

3 on a Bed India’s First Polyamoric Film directed by Rajdeep Paul and Sarmistha Maiti, produced by SRFTI tells the story of a ménage à trois or a threesome of two men and one woman who fall in love with each other and decide to share that love equally among them both physically and emotionally. 3 on a Bed, the Book is a collection of Contemporary Indian novellas by Rajdeep Paul & Sarmistha Maiti, being published by Bunsen Books, launching worldwide in January 2013.Fresh and young theatre actor Saurav, with his natural charm and electrifying energy levels fit perfectly into the light hearted “boy-who-never-grows-up” side of Kapil very easily, but the timid and frugal Saurav found it very difficult to portray Kapil’s serious, brooding and visionary side. Don’t drop your shoulders, walk like a man, speak with conviction – those used to be our primary inputs to him in the film.Theater and film actress Tanusree became the heart and soul of Padmini. Tanusri’s background as a small town girl, her experience with relationships and her extreme love for the drink made her identify with Padmini very easily. From day one, the ease and comfort with which she performed the very intense and intimate scenes, scaled the performances of her co-actors immensely. It is only and only her spirit and passion that madethe film possible.Mathemetics teacher by Job and Actor by work, Rana acted as Kapil in the play Hayavadana produced by Padatik and directed by Janardan Ghosh and that became a point of constant confusion when he had to play Debdutta in 3 on a Bed. The very macho and masculine Rana had to be seriously de-masculinized to fit into the complex role of Debdutta, which included “shaving his ass”.



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