Suresh Gopi Romance with Mamta Mohandas

Mamta Mohandas is an Indian film actress and playback singer. She has mainly acted in Malayalam films, besides a few Telugu and Tamil productions and one Kannada film. She has won two Filmfare Awards, for Best Female Playback Singer in Telugu in 2006 and for Best Actress in Malayalam in 2010.

Sravan (Suresh Gopi) is a captain in Indian Navy fighting in Sri Lanka against the Tamil guerillas. He manages to kill hundreds of guerillas in the operations launched by the Indian Peace-Keeping Force (IPKF).

Post-operations, he decides to live in Lanka. Now he is a womaniser who goes about his task with gusto. He is stinkingly rich who owns a number of palatial bungalows. Sravan has a psychic problem too. He had been abandoned by his actress mother. Then came another blow when his wife ran away with her lover.

Sravan’s daring operations against the Tamil guerillas incur the wrath of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE). They are out to bump him off.

Into his life enters Lanka (Mamta Mohandas) who is a gypsy girl. Sravan rapes her but ends up marrying her unaware of the fact that she is from the LTTE stronghold out to seek revenge on behalf of the Tamils.

She almost succeeds in her plans. But Sravan survives the murderous attack on him. But he is totally incapacitated and confined to bed. Lanka pretends to nurse him back to health. But her actual aim is to escape with all his wealth.

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