How to Auto Reply to All Your Facebook Birthday Wishes

ll of you would had that special day, when your Facebook wall was ambushed by a lot of messages and wishes from your friends. Yeah, its on your birthday and of course, it feels great when a lot of friends wish you “Happy birthday” on Facebook. However you might get quite busy on that day and might not get enough time to thank and everyone of them, if you are having a lot of Facebook friends.

You might even get birthday wishes from some people whom you haven’t yet interacted for a long time or maybe be a complete stranger to you. But still if we don’t respond to these wishes, people might feel like they are been avoided. It affects our relationships and friendships.

Not acknowledging a birthday wish with a “Thank you” message is loutish and may be considered as ill mannered. So to overcome this, some people simply post a wall post like “Thanks everyone for wishing me..!” instead of replying to each friend’s wish. But you know what, I personally think its not so cool and simply shows how lazy you are, and how much you care about others.

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